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Welcome to TEL HI

Please take a look around. We’re excited to celebrate our 125th anniversary this year. And we’re looking forward to serving the San Francisco community for the next 125 years!

Featured Video

As part of our 125th anniversary celebration, this featured video takes you back in time — with amazing historical footage of San Francisco and TEL HI’s beginnings in 1890. See how our founders, two young women, started a movement that would impact thousands of lives. Witness how their work continues to impact, strengthen, and enhance the lives of people in our community.

Upcoming Events

  1. Nov 19
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News & Programs

  1. Staff Continue to Grow With TEL HI

    This summer began with a lot of changes in our staffing roles at TEL HI. While we said goodbye to some, we were able to celebrate the growth of many others!

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  2. Raffle Generates Scholarships and Dozens of Winners

    The card raffle is back at this year’s A Taste Of TEL HI on May 8. Win an incredible spa vacation for yourself, and give kids the gift of summertime fun. Everyone’s a winner!

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  3. Day 109: 125 Days of TEL HI

    Check out this throwback to the Painted Yoga workshops hosted at TEL HI.

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