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Welcome to TEL HI

Please come in and take a look around. We’re excited to share our new logo and Web site with you. These changes symbolize some of the many great things to come, as we get ready to celebrate 125 years of service to the community!

Featured Video

TEL HI is growing! Our featured video gives you a glimpse at what we do and how we’re growing. See the faces of the community we serve, and share in their smiles. This video was first shown at our annual dinner, A Taste of TEL HI, in 2014.

Upcoming Events

  1. May 8
    A Taste of TEL HI
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News & Programs

  1. Day 109: 125 Days of TEL HI

    Check out this throwback to the Painted Yoga workshops hosted at TEL HI.

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  2. Day 98: 125 Days of TEL HI

    Experience 125 Days of TEL HI with Mayor Ed Lee. Day 98 highlights the civic-minded fun and focus that TEL HI students and staff share!

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  3. New Logo & Web Site for TEL HI

    Get the “inside scoop” on our new look-and-feel.

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